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TEXPROCIL - Marketplace portal: www.texprocil.co.in

Objavljeno na: October 14, 2021 | Nazaj | Natisni

The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council, popularly known as TEXPROCIL has been the international face of cotton textiles from India facilitating exports worldwide. Texprocil has a membership of around 3,000 companies spread across major textile clusters in India. Its members are well established manufacturers and exporters of cotton textile products like Cotton, Yarns, Fabrics and Home Textiles, showcasing a dazzling array of products across the value chain.

The Council connects international buyers with appropriate suppliers and facilitates interaction that enables them to source their specific needs. One such export promotion initiative undertaken by the Council is “TEXPROCIL – Marketplace”, a B2B portal to connect the Indian exporters with textile importers across the world.

Products covered by TEXPROCIL are cotton, cotton and blended yarns, cotton and blended fabrics for all types of end use, home textiles and made-ups.

You are kindly invited to connect with Indian cotton textiles through www.texprocil.co.in portal.