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Spletni govor in projekcija filma o zgodnjih templjih Himačala Benoyja K. Behla in centra India Habitat Centre 'Early Temples of Himachal', ki je bil produciran za Doordarshan TV, ob 14.30 CET v soboto, 17. 6. (poteklo)

Objavljeno na: June 16, 2023 | Nazaj | Natisni

The Embassy of India, Slovenia, presents an online talk and film screening by Benoy K. Behl and the India Habitat Centre ‘Early Temples of Himachal’ produced for Doordarshan, at 6 pm (IST) or 2.30 pm (CET) on Saturday, 17 June 2023.


This film takes us to lesser-known, early surviving temples of Himachal Pradesh. It also gives a perspective to the art of Himachal and shows the deep relationship with that of Kashmir.


In the 8th century in Himachal Pradesh, a wonderful temple with five towers was being carved out of the rock. This sort of temple with five towers is mentioned in the Vishnu Dharmottara Purana. The only other temple like this was made at Angkor Vat in Cambodia four centuries later.


The district of Chamba lies immediately south of the present state of Jammu and Kashmir. The early temples here are in the secluded valley of the river Ravi, naturally protected by high mountains. It has enjoyed long periods of peace and stability. Many temples here are more than a thousand years old. These have brass images which have been worshipped continuously since they were consecrated. This makes them among the earliest of deities which have been under continuous worship in India.


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