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Indian Culture Scholarship by ICCR for the Academic Year 2021-2022

Posted on: April 01, 2021 | Back | Print

The Indian Council For Cultural Relations (ICCR) is offering scholarships for study of Indian  classical  music,  dance,  painting,  yoga  and  sculpture  at Indian universities/institutes  in  the  academic   year    2021-  22, including in the Guru-Shishya Tradition of learning systems in India straight from the maters of various classical dance and music (vocal and instrumental) of India.  This Scholarship Scheme  is offered to nationals of all countries.

The Guru (Teacher) -Shishya (Student) Parampara (Tradition) is a unique system of imparting education in one or one teacher student learning environment passed from generation since ancient times. This involves tradition of a living and learning relationship between the Guru and the Student (Shishya), signifies emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bond between them.

Under this scheme, applicants will have  the option  to apply  to five universities/ institutes in the  order  of their  preference of study.  Applicants are  requested to log onto  “Admissions to Alumni” (A2A),  the  Scholarship Portal  developed by ICCR at  http://a2ascholarships.iccr.gov.in/.  This  portal   contains  all  the  relevant information for the applicants including details  of all State Universities, Central Universities   and    Institutes,   colleges   affiliated   with    them,    courses   available, availability of hostels, applications guidelines, eligibility criteria and other  relevant information for helping the applicants in decision-making while  applying for the academic courses of their preference.

The admission for the Academic Year 2021-2022 is operational from 15 March 2021. The application from Interested students between 18 to 30 years of age is invited through A2A Scholarship Portal at http://a2ascholarships.iccr.gov.in. The Scholarship covers the following: (i) Payment of Tuition fees/Registration Fees; (ii) Economy class air fares; (iii) Boarding and Lodging; and (iv) Living Allowance to meet Hostel and food catering charges.

Last date of submission of online Application at http://a2ascholarships.iccr.gov.in/ is 30 April 2021.

The guidelines and procedure for applications is available on the A2A Portal.