About Us Visa Related Services Provided by FRROs and FROs


Visa Related Services Provided by Foreigners Regional Registration Officers (FRROs)/Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO)

    1. Registration

(ii) Extension of visa

    1. Renewal of registration

    2. Conversion of visa

    3. Entry conversion (from single entry to multiple entry)

    4. Exit permission 

    5. Change of address

    6. Change of passport (only in the case of loss?)

    7. Restricted/Protected Area Permit

    8. Return Visa/Additional Entry/NORI (No Objection to Return to India) in respect of Pakistan/Bangladesh nationals living in India on Long Term Visa (LTV) and also in respect of Tibetans living in India on Identity Certificate.

    9. Additional places, change in mode of travel, change in port of exit, etc. (for Pakistan nationals)

    10. Other services (this includes registration/grant of visa/exit permission for child born in India, grant of visa to those who have surrendered Indian passport consequent on acquiring foreign passport, registration by those who claim to be refugees etc.)