About Us Document requirement for Visa Services


Mandatory Documents requirement for all kind of Visa Services:

  • Print out of duly completed visa application form with uploaded photograph submitted on the website https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/.

  • Passport valid for a minimum of six months with at least two blank pages.

  • Two recent identical passport size photographs with a white background.

  • Return Air ticket

  • Assured financial standing, availability of sufficient funds. Bank statement for the last six months.

  • A copy of valid Health Insurance.

. Confirmed hotel booking/place of stay in India 

Additional documents requirement for speicific visa categories

Business Visa

  • An original signed letter from the company in Slovenia fully explaining the nature of business and duration of the visit.

  • Proof of expertise in the field of intended business.

  • A signed letter of invitation from an Indian company on its letterhead clearly stating the purpose and duration for which business visa is requested.

Employment Visa

  • Proof of Employment or contract or engagement by the company/organization in India.

  • A letter issued by the company in Slovenia clearly stating the details of the assignment, terms and conditions and contract signed with the Indian company.

  • Documentary proof of educational qualification or professional expertise.

Conference Visa

  • A copy of event clearance from authorities in India.

  • A copy of the signed letter of invitation for the conference from organizers in India.

  • A copy of the letter from the institution represented in Slovenia.

Transit Visa

  • Evidence of onward travel outside India- confirmed Airline ticket for onward journey.

Student Visa

  • Letter of admission from a recognized Indian educational institution with duration of the course.

  • Document showing financial support for the tuition fee and stay in India.

  • Permission from Parents to study abroad for applicants below 18 years.

  • Letter of approval & No Objection Certificate from Ministry of Health, Government of India, if attending a medical/para-medical course.

Medical visa

  • Relevant letters signed and stamped from the concerned recognized/ established hospital in India.

  • Medical documents establishing need for the bonafides of taking medical treatment in India.

  • Financial standing – proof of sufficient funds for stay & treatment in India.

Medical escort visa

  • Confirmation letter from the medical visa seeker that the person will accompany him/her as medical

Research Visa

  • The submission of subject of research containing full details of the places to be visited during research, previous visits etc,

  • Original admission letter of a recognized university from India (e-mails or photocopies of admission letters will not be entertained).

Entry Visa

  •  The applicant must submit supporting documents for the purpose for which entry visa is required.

Journalist Visa

  • Application Form for filming documentaries in India along with undertaking in the prescribed format to be given by the Embassy on application. 

  • Application for filming at protected monuments. 

  • List of team members along with name, nationality, date of birth, passport number,   place and date of issue and validity, occupation etc. 

  • List of cinematic equipments with description and brand name. 

  • Synopsis of the proposed film project (4 copies). 

  • Filming programme stage by stage and date by date. 

  • Letter from the producer specifying the hospitality required. 

  • Publicity Returns: TV Channel where the documentary will be screened (details of date/time/duration etc). 

    PLEASE NOTE: Application Forms, Undertaking and information sheets may please be signed by the Producer and submitted in nine sets. Also, it may please be noted that it takes a minimum of 4-5 weeks after the receipt of the completed application in the Embassy to process the case and for the Government of India' permission to come through.

Intern Visa

  • letter of the Indian company/educational institution/NGO concerned sponsoring the foreign national for the internship programme and clearly indicating the period of internship.

Film Visa

  • Prior approval of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India

Specifications of Photos to be submitted with application

  • 2 recent passport-sized (45mm high x 35mm wide) colour photographs with white background.

  • It should be in sharp focus, clear and of good quality, free from shadows.

  • Printed on normal photographic paper.

  • Taken with nothing covering the face, without sunglasses or tinted spectacles, or a head covering. The subject should have their mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows) and the applicant should be facing forward, looking straight ahead.

  • The photograph should be a recent true likeness and taken within the last 6 months.