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Publicity of Open Tender enquiry T/T212/21/0970N/2 for »Forging for LP Shaft (rough machined) due for opening on 02.03.2022

Posted on: February 04, 2022 | Back | Print

          The Heavy Electricals Equipment Plant (HEEP) located in Haridwar, India is one of the major manufacturing plants of Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) – A Government of India Undertaking.

BHEL has published an open tender T/T212/21/0970N/2 for "FORGING FOR LP SHAFT(ROUGH MACHINED)" due for opening on 02.03.2022.  The tender is hosted on following websites:

  1. https://hwr.bhel.com (NIT no 5952)
  2. https://www.bhel.com (NIT no 62844)

The details of the tender along with required documents are available at above mentioned websites.