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BHEL invites offers for “SUPPLY OF POLYETHYLENE OXIDE (PEO) as per specification SCR-D-RM-011 Rev01” as per Tender Ref: RAHSCR050/ 13.06.2024”

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BHEL invites offers from reputed Vendors: Refer Pre‐qualifying (PQR) requirements and other requirements given in tender enquiry letter uploaded on our websites) for " SUPPLY OF POLYETHYLENE OXIDE (PEO) as per specification SCR-D-RM-011 Rev01" as per TENDER REF: " RAHSCR050”

Last date / time of submission of Bids : 28.06.2024 at 14:00 Hrs (IST)

Date / time of opening of Technical Bids : 28.06.2024 at 14:30 Hrs (IST)

Tender documents may be downloaded from the website www.bhel.com (NIT No: NIT_83052) at https://www.bhel.com/all-tenders?field_nit_no__value=NIT_83052

Your best quotation / offer shall be submitted in TWO PARTS strictly in line with our terms and conditions as attached.

Offer to be submitted in 2 Part, thru email to email ids specified below only:-

PART-A (I) BID i.e. TECHNO¬COMMERCIAL BID (All tender documents except price bid and Annexure-II Priced Deviation Sheet) on technicalbid-epd@bhel.in

PART-B (II) BID i.e. (PRICE BID and Annexure-II Priced Deviation Sheet) as per attached format on pricebid-epd@bhel.in

Kindly ensure mail size should not exceed 20 MB and should be marked only to email ids mentioned above (No copy to other ids).


1. Tender reference & due date to be mentioned in subject of mail.

2. Bidders may adopt this mode at their own risk. The Purchaser does not own any responsibility /liability for delays in receipt / loss of secrecy of such offers.

It shall be the responsibility of the bidder to ensure that the tender is submitted on or before the due date by 14:00 Hrs. The offer has to be sent by e-mail only. Part‐I bids shall be opened at 14:30 Hrs on the due date in the presence of authorized representatives of the bidders, who may like to be present.

The bidder is required to clearly mention

1. Tender Ref., Tender Due Date & Name of the item in BOLD LETTERS on the top of each envelope submitted.

2. Name and contact details (including mobile no. and email address) of minimum one contact person along with date of submission of offer in a cover letter.


The prices offered shall be firm till the completion of project.

Offers should be submitted in two parts in two separate sealed covers as follows:


For detailed instructions. Please refer to the enclosed tender documents.

No-response to the tender shall be dealt according to BHEL SEARP guidelines in https://bhel.com/supplier-evaluationapproval-review-procedure.