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Indian Classical Music Concerts in Slovenia (21 - 26 May 2016)

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Rishab Prasanna is an Indian flute or bansuri player born in New Delhi to a family of musicians from Benares (North India) transmitting the knowledge from father to son for generations traditionally playing the shahnai (an instrument similar to oboe) and the bansuri flute. Rishab began his apprenticeship with his uncles (Ravi Shankar and Rakesh Prasanna Prasanna) who had trained him in the technique of the flute and the art of developing a raga before he continued his musical education with his father (maestro Rajendra Prasanna).

He is known for his musical sensitivity, finesse of playing and great stage presence. Apart from doing solo and international music projects (Swedish folk band Dreamer Circus, Duo Milap, Joussour group) in India and Europe where he also discovered the world of jazz and explored other musical languages, Rishab Prasanna also plays music with his brother Rajesh Prasanna in a duo known as « Prasanna Brothers ». Rishab also accompanied his father in his international tours (Womad Festival in Australia, Les routes de l’Inde (2011) in Switzerland, Darbar Festival (2012) in London, etc.). In addition to his composing, he regularly conducts bansuri flute and Indian music workshops.
For more information please visit: http://rishabprasanna.webs.com/

An All India Radio Grade A Artist, Sandip Banerjee has played the tabla since 1973. He is well known for his graceful accompaniment and powerful adept solo performance. Besides his frequent trips to abroad, to perform, lecture and conduct workshops he is a regular T.V. and Radio artist in India. Sandip was awarded ‘National Scholarship’ from the Government of India in 1992. He has several CDs with different artists in India and abroad. His book on learning Tabla titled ‘Le Tabla’ has been published from ID Music, France. He is a enlisted artist of ICCR.

He has learned tabla from Late Pandit Kanai Dutta, Pandit Sanjoy Mukherjee (over 20 years) and pandit Sankha Chatterjee.
For more details please visit his website: www.sandipbanerjee.com

Nicolas Delaigue is a concert performer and teacher of the sitar and classical North India (Hindustani) music in Europe. After years of full immersion and total dedication to this art, he has succeeded in creating a link between India and the west. Living in Lyon (France) since 2011, he has been active as an international concert performer - Europe, North Africa - and has also performed in prestigious places in India at public and private recitals specially in Nashik and Kolkata... Nicolas Delaigue was trained in the Hindustani Music for a number of years by great masters of the sitar (Patrick Moutal,, Indrajit Banerjee, Ustad Shahid Parvez, Sugato Nag) and has made a stylistic synthesis of the teaching received. Always exploring new horizons, he has also collaborated in a number of experiments in music and traditional arts of India. He has collaborated with Ronu Majumdar and Indrajit Banerjee in "The Dance of the Devil" project (Gallimard, 2010). He has created the Duo Sanchari in 2007 that recorded an LP record in 2008. He is also a member of the Trio Milana. As a solo performer or band member, Nicolas has also explored different types of music like that of the Afghan Ghazals, Indian traditional dance Kathak, Rabridrasangit, Afghan instrumental musics, flamenco, electronic musics, rock music, European medieval music...). Nicolas also works in cinematography and was a regular soloist of silent movies in the auditorium of the Museum of Orsay (Paris). His music is also featured in the «Cast a Bhuta Bronze Mask» movie (by J. C. Plattner).

For more information about the artist, please visit his website: www.nicolasdelaigue.com

21 MAY 2000 hrs   Concert Dom kulture Kamnik
Fu�ine 10
22 MAY 1900 hrs   Concert Kulturni dom
škofja vas 38
Informacije: 051 651 237
23 MAY 2000 hrs   International jam session and open class Celica Art Hostel 
Metelkova 8
Ljubljana Informacije: 051 713 889
24 MAY 0900 – 1045 hrs      1100 hrs         1930 hrs   Workshop     Concert         Concert (International Concert Cycle 2016) Faculty of Arts – FF
5th floor – Blue Hall – Modra dvorana
Aškerčeva 2
Ljubljana Informacije: 01 24 11 137 Liber.ac
7th Academic Book Fair
Foersterjev vrt
Foerster Garden behind the Faculty of Arts – FF (open air stage)
Aškerčeva 2
Sokolski dom škofja Loka
Mestni trg 16-17
škofja Loka
25 MAY 2000 hrs   Concert recording Salon za ENO glasbo
Vrtača 11
Ljubljana Rezervacije na: salon@enoglasba.info 
26 MAY 2000 hrs   Concert Upper Terrace (open air stage)
Bled Main Shopping Centre
Ljubljanska 4
Bled Informacije: 041 632 369