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AKAM Activities on Deshbhakti geet writing, Lori writing and Rangoli making

Posted on: November 16, 2021 | Back | Print

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a New India is on the rise – one that takes pride in our nation’s many achievements and its boundless diversity. Not only are we becoming more aware, but are also increasingly taking pride in our historical landmarks as also our present-day achievements. Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized that “Amrit Mahotsav must be filled with color of art, culture, songs and music” and talked about the following three activities:

  1. Deshbhakti geet writings. At the time when our nation gained Independence, several songs, ballads, and hymns written in the many dialects and languages of our vibrant nation and punctuated by the music and sound of unique instruments from different regions of the country, brought every Indian together!
  2. Lori writing. Loris (Lullabies) pertaining to patriotism, poems, songs, something or the other which can be easily recited by mothers in every home to their little children shall be eligible for the contest. In these loris (lullabies) there should be reference to modern India, the vision of 21st century India and its dreams.
  3. Rangoli making. A timeless and very important part of our vibrant culture can be found in the many hues of Rangolis, found at the entrance of almost every Indian household and at every auspicious occasion of celebration. For centuries, we have had a tradition of lending colours to festivals through Rangoli. The diversity of our country is visible in Rangoli. Rangoli is drawn in different states with different names and on different themes.

Accordingly, Ministry of Culture is holding the next competitions. The detailed guidelines for participations are available at ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ (AKAM) websites at https://amritmahotsav.nic.in.

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